Madame Bovary

Leon never missed a Sunday gathering.
M. Homais played ecarte with Emma.
Leon stood behind her, giving advice.
Then the apothecary and the doctor
played dominoes.

Mme Bovary changed places; Leon sat
beside her.

She'd ask him to read poetry.
Leon recited in a slow voice...
which he carefully lowered in the love

"O, Time, suspend thy flight
"And you, auspicious hours
"Suspend your movement
"Let us savour
"The fast-fading delights of these
oh so happy days."

He's charming! Charming!
He's surely in love!
But with whom?
Who can it be?
It's me!
If only Heaven had desired it!
Why isn't it so?
Who's to blame?
What is it?
M. Lheureux to see you.
M. Lheureux, the draper? What
does he want?

Madame, forgive me disturbing you
at home.

But I'm most distraught at not
having obtained...

your patronage as yet.
My modest shop can't attract...
a true lady of fashion.
I'd like you to knowthat you only
have to order...

and I'll supply all your needs...
in haberdashery, hosiery,
millinery and fancy goods.

I go to Rouen four times a month...
and I work with only the best

If you'll allow me...
I'd like to show you some