In weiter Ferne, so nah!

Becker's father,
whose first name was also Anton...

joined the Nazi Propaganda Ministry
that same year.

Wife and children followed him
to Berlin a few weeks later.

So what?
A typical move to Berlin.

Yes, maybe so.
But there's more.

1945, only the boy and his father
emigrated to America.

Raised in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
In Germany
he is presumed dead.

No contact with his sister,
living at that time in the Soviet Zone.

The mother disappeared
in the postwar chaos.

Education-- none.

Majored in history. Quit studies.
He became a car dealer in Detroit.

Married, divorced, bankrupt.
Back in Berlin since 1990.
Various P.O. addresses, east and west.

Since the reunification,
Tony Baker, Film Distributor.

Import-export, joint ventures
with many Eastern-bloc countries.

Except most of your business
has nothing to do with movies!

Something's fishy.
I've kept
a record of expenses.

Give me a call, Mr. Baker,
or send me a postcard.

I may send you a cement block
and a chain foryour neck.

Mazeltov, Mr. Becker.
Lousy luck to you!
Charge it to Mr. Tony Baker.
Ha! " Lousy Luck"!