Cabin Boy

[ Chuckling Continues ]
Oh, man, oh, man,

do I hate them fancy lads.
Uh, hey, um... I'm looking
for the steward of the Q.C.

Uh-- I'm watching the boat till
everyone gets back from lunch.

Oh! Then departure was delayed
on my behalf. Very, good.

Uh, here's my boarding pass.
Please take me to the ship's
finest quarters 'cause I wish
to draw a hot bath. What a day.

I ain't supposed to let
nobody on the boat 'cause--

Leo, no, no, no.
I know, I look too disheveled
to board, but I assure you,
the captain will understand.

- Wow. You know the captain?
- I should say so. He owes
his entire career to my daddy.

- Can we?
- Okay, since you know him and all.

Okay, fine. [ Grunts ]
Boy! Boy!

[Whimpering ]
What the--

Well, is this the tug
that's supposed to take us out
to the Queen Catherine?

- It's a boat.
- The-- Uh--

Oh-ho-ho-ho. Oh, I see.
This is the Queen Catherine.

It's one of those theme ships, isn't it?
Yes, I've read about these things.

Where we passengers pretend
we're common type and slum
it up a bit. [ Chuckles ]

Deliciously chic.
[ Giggles ]

[ Boy ]
Step, step, step.

- Step, step.
- Yes, I know they're steps.
I've seen steps before.

[ Giddy Laughter ]
Marvelous! Oh!
The best bunk we got is the captain's.
But I don't think he'd mind,
since you know him.

[ Giddy Laughter Continues ]