Cabin Boy

- Kid, we're just here
to catch fish and stink.
- Mostly the latter.

[Very, High Voice ]
Whoo! Oooh! Okay.

Okay, um--
All right, look.

Obviously there's been a little mix-up
here and I seem to have boarded
the wrong vessel.

Okay. I apologize, but there's
a happy ending to all this.

You just point this thing towards
Hawaii and drop me off there. Great.

End of controversy.
Now, let's go enjoy some tea
and honey-dipped willy pumps.

Gimme the go-ahead, Cap,
and I'll kill him.

- I knew I shouldn't have had
that last bottle of rotgut.
- Gentlemen, no, no, no.

Don't walk away from me.
Come back. No, no, no.
Don't make me run.

Come on. You too.
Come, come, come.

It's painfully obvious to me
that you have no idea
who you're dealing with here.

- You see, I... am a fancy lad.
- [ Men Chuckling ]

Fancy lad!
If you hinder my arrival, I'll just
have my daddy put you all on trial
and have you hanged.

Were you dropped on your head
as a toddler?

[ Captain Groaning ]
Listen up, you doozy-lookin'
deuce in shoes!

We're out here for the next
three months to catch us some fish!

So, unless you wanna end up
as bait, stay outta my face!

Don't you walk away from me,
you big talking walrus!

This issue is not negotiable.
- I hate this.
- [ Gasps ]

- [ Laughing ]
- My christening wig!

I've had it since infancy.
Well, you ain't got it
no more, peckerhead.

[ All Laughing ]
There, by the grace of God,
floats away my manhood.

Simply put, a five-pound box of
chocolate-covered macadamia nuts
is yours...

if you'll point this swill heap
towards Hawaii, comprende?

Sorry,, I'll have to pass.
These stockings I'm wearing
are made of pure imported silk
from the mountains of Bennenia.