Cabin Boy

You mean like Halloween?
Like Halloween.

Wouldn't you like to help
your weary, captain rest
his rum-soaked bones?

Uh...yeah, I guess...
if you think he'd like that.

- What do I gotta do?
- It's magnificently simple.

Tonight, after they've
all fallen asleep,

change the course of the boat
and head it for Hawaii.

- You think you're capable of that?
- Sure.

I ain't too swift about other stuff,
but I know maps real good.

So, he'll be happy
about this, huh?

No, absolutely. In fact,
I overheard him telling somebody,

""My wouldn't it be jolly-jack splendid
to spend a fortnight or two in Hawaii?''

Yup, that sounds like him.
You do good impressions.

Right. Okay, then fine.
After they've all fallen into
their alcohol-induced slumbers,

we'll put our little plan
into action.

Remember, this is
our little secret, yeah?

- [ Laughing ]
- Okay.

All right. You're--
You're a big happy one, aren't you?

[ Men Snoring ]
[ Snoring Continues ]
[ Nathanial ]

Filthy swine.

The pigs are all asleep.

Okay. Looks like all
we gotta do is shift her...

250,000 degrees...

and we'll be headed
straight for Hawaii.

- Okay, fine. Do it quickly now.
- Okay. Let's see here.

Okay, we're goin' to Hawaii.
Okay, great.
Well, good job, old boy.

And you know what?
When we reach the islands, I may
buy you a big red, shiny apple.