Cabin Boy

Oh, look, you have a hard
piece of seaweed stuck to you.
Let me just pull it.

- Relax. [ Gasps ] My wig!
- Take your hands off me.

Faith has truly
brought us together.

-Just... stay the hell away from me.
- Oooh.

Attentionne, messieurs.
Please join me on the upper deck.
I have a little surprise for you.

Come on, fellas. Looky what
I fished out of the ocean.

That's one little cute fishy
this cabin boy done caught hisself.

Aw, not bad. I'd do it.
Where in the hell
did you come from, missy?

The last thing we need
is another straggler.

First of all, I was minding
my own business until your son
yanked me up here.

And secondly, don't you call me
missy again unless you wanna
lose the rest of your teeth.

Sassy little thing, ain't she?
Want me to give her a spanking?

- [ Men Laughing ]
- I'd like her to give me a spanking.

- How'd you like me
to put my foot up your ass?
- [ Men Laughing ]

Come on, now.
Gentlemen, please.

I know that salty sea talk
is a big part of being a fisherman,
but Trina is our guest.

And until we take her to Maryland,
could we please curb the language?

Oh, so we're gonna drop her off
in Maryland? What the hell
is this, a crosstown bus?

je-sus! I never saw a man
p-whipped so fast in my life!

P-whipped. Now, I'm confused.
Isn't that French for pudding?

Hopeless. Absolutely,
utterly goddamned hopeless.
I don't know why we keep trying.

Now, he'll have some company
on that island.

- Yeah.
- Hmm?

Paps, I think you can go ahead and run
downstairs and play now if you like.

[ Growls ]
So, things are settling down...
which is good.

A quiet time.

ΒΆΒΆ [ ""The Alley Cat Song'' ]