Cabin Boy

Come on, now.
Gentlemen, please.

I know that salty sea talk
is a big part of being a fisherman,
but Trina is our guest.

And until we take her to Maryland,
could we please curb the language?

Oh, so we're gonna drop her off
in Maryland? What the hell
is this, a crosstown bus?

je-sus! I never saw a man
p-whipped so fast in my life!

P-whipped. Now, I'm confused.
Isn't that French for pudding?

Hopeless. Absolutely,
utterly goddamned hopeless.
I don't know why we keep trying.

Now, he'll have some company
on that island.

- Yeah.
- Hmm?

Paps, I think you can go ahead and run
downstairs and play now if you like.

[ Growls ]
So, things are settling down...
which is good.

A quiet time.

ΒΆΒΆ [ ""The Alley Cat Song'' ]
[ Captain ]

Now, heel and toe.
[ Men Laughing ]
[ Chuckles ]

- [ Grunting ]
- [ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

What a bunch of lunkheads.
Trina! Oh.
Oh, Trina, I'm so glad you decided
to join us. I was just putting on...

- a show for the fellas.
- So this is what
you guys do for fun?

- Yeah. [ Laughing ]
- Humiliate an imbecile?

Sure he's clumsy and he's stupid
and he's a screwup,

but you don't have to
treat him like an animal.

Funny you should
mention screwups,

because an hour ago,
I made the mistake of using
your swimming diary to light the stove.

- [ Men Laughing ]
- I've been keeping that diary,
for 15 years, you ape!