Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko

However, Hayashi-san
was unskilled in transformation,...

...and grew fatigued
as he was shaken in the truck,...

...and he reverted to his tanuki form
when he lost consciousness.

It's not only Fujino-cho
going through this.

The neighboring towns,
the municipal dump,...

...and the golf courses
are all suffering, too.

We're suffering because the building
of New Town is destroying our mountain.

Your area is affected because the dirt is being dumped there.
How much more evil can they do?
I was surprised when
I arrived here in the dump truck.

I thought the dirt came from
the big cities, but here I find a mountain!

They dug up this mountain
and dumped it on the next mountain.

But what is all this for?!
I just couldn't understand
why they are doing this.

Then if we could stop the project, it will
benefit your clan and Fujino-cho, too.

I am so relieved to hear you say that!
With your wonderful
art of transformation,...

...could you save our mountain
as well as your own Tamakyuro?

Well, uh, you know...
It's not like that...
Tamasaburo and Bunta
went to find the Elders.

I wonder how far
they've gotten by now?

In the end, the expected Elders did not
arrive from either Shikoku or Sado.

And winter finally came to Tamakyuro.
While the tanuki took
a rest from their operation,...

...the public promptly forgot
the New Town incident,...

...and the media dropped the story.
They were busy covering idol singers,
scandals, and embezzlement stories.