Quiz Show

Don't you wanna tell her where
to get off after 28 years ?

Now would you please...
dance with me ?
Dancing in the dark
Until the tune ends
We're dancing in the dark
And it soon ends
We're waltzing
ln the wonder
of why we're here--

Because of a disagreement
with his commanding general,

Ulysses S. Grant was virtually
placed under arrest for
a brief time early in 1862.

Who was the commanding general
of the Union army at that time ?

Oh, l know that. Uh, Halleck.
General H.W. Halleck.

That's correct.
Who was Sebastian Cabot...

- and what country was he
in the service of ?
- Hey, Terry.

- [ Van Doren ] He was,
uh, an explorer from Spain.
- That's correct.

- Who founded the former hub
of the Byzantine Empire,
- Who's that guy in the corner ?

- Constantinople ?
- Constantine the First.

Charles Van Doren.
Charles Van Doren ?
Like Van Doren Van Doren ?

- He wants to be on Tic-Tac-Dough ?
- l guess so.

- Meriwether Lewis.
- That's it.

Who was the editor
of the socialist paper--

Oh, this is the guy.
This is the guy

l got the guy
l got the guy

l got the guy !
- [ Door Opening ]
- l got the guy.

So l turned to astrophysics,
but, of course, as you know,
all the great physicists were
great before the age of 25.

[ Chuckling ]
lt just wasn't in the cards.

- So l went to Paris and wrote
my novel about a patricide.
- What ?

A boy who kills his father.
M-My dad liked it
quite a lot, actually,

although you could fill Yankee Stadium
with the world's mediocre novelists.

And your father
is Carl Van Doren.

My uncle. My father
is Mark Van Doren, the poet.

He also teaches-- l-l mean,
l also teach at Columbia. Literature.

- Same as, uh, same as Dad.
- Oh, same as Dad, huh ? That's nice.

Could l ask you
a personal question, Professor ?

Actually, l'm not a professor
yet. l'm just an instructor.