All he wants to do is play.
Come here!
Go on!
Good boy, that's it.
Dur friend was poisoned!
Dioxin levels are off the chart.
Another meal and he'd be glowing.

Someone poisoned him? - Dr the water,
which is why the fishing's so bad.

Doesn't make sense.
Nearest industry's on the mainland.

Maybe the mainland's found
a place to dump toxic garbage.

- What now?

The other night Kim and I
were looking for Flipper.

Dirk Moran's boat was out there.
They were tossing barrels over the side.

Do you remember where you were?
Definitely. - Can you show us?
- No problem.

This is it. Right here.
- No, it was over here.

No, I'm positive. This is it.
- I'm telling you, I remember.

Actually, it was more this way.
No, over here. - I'm telling you...
- I know it was here somewhere.

Could you be more specific?

It was dark.
Hey, I'm from Chicago.
It's not like there are street signs.

Did you notice
the lighthouse on the way out?

I'm pretty sure this was the spot.
- Me too.

If you're at all right,
Dirk Moran's been dumping poison

smack in the middle of my fishing
grounds. Let's head back.

We know why
the fishing's been so lousy lately.

What is it this time?
Algae blooms, el NiƱo, bad karma?

Somebody's poisoning
these waters. - We may know who.