Spy Hard

powerful enough to cut steel.
Fire in the hole, Director.
- Huh? Oh.
- Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing.
This micro-detonator
has a built- in timer...

set to explode 30 seconds
after you plant it.

It has enough power
to blow up a two-story building,

- so be careful.
- Fantastic.

All right.
Well, here we go and, uh-

- Oh, the glasses.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Good to see you again, Noggin.
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles.
Welcome to Los Angeles.
Ciudad de los angeles.
City of the angels.
? Dónde esta Maria?
Where is Maria?
Maria esta en la biblioteca.
Maria is in the library.
- Do you have a lighter?
- I use matches.

Does your mother know you smoke?
Y es, but I don't inhale.
- Kabul.
- Uh...

I'm Kabul.
Agent WD-40?

Get in, get in.
In the car.
Hello. Excuse me. Ha!
Our operatives believe
you may already be in grave danger.

Please take a look at this,
Mr. Steele.

In that file is a photo
of Desiree More.

She's an expert trained in karate, kung
fu and is a crack shot. Be on your guard.

Rancor may have sent her
to take you out.

She likes easy-listening
and guys who share their feelings.

Her measurements: 36-24-36-22.
Aye, and for God sakes,
be careful, WD-40.

One time I got two cousins that got
salmonella poisoning in this hotel.