Un air de famille

I never see her!
I have no time to treat her badly!

I wake up at 5, work all day long,
I eat, I sleep, that's all l...
I'm sick of it.
Sick of it.
She'll be back.
Let her get her head together.
Thinking does you good.
No, it doesn't.
Don't say that.
She's taking a breather.
Weighing up the pros and cons.

I call that nitpicking!
Call it what you like...
If you think too much,
you find fault everywhere.

It never ends!
- What do they say at weddings?
- "l now pronounce you man and wife."

What do they say before that?
I don't know. "Dearly beloved."
No, "for better and for worse"!
That's what.
There's no need to think.
If you're unhappy, you wait it out!

That's life.
She knows me.
She knows what I'm like.

- I can't change.
- Why not?

You are what you are.
I disagree. You can...
You can't change.
- Don't you want my opinion?
- No.

I'll make your duck.
I can do it.
- Just tonight.
- It's my job.

Of course there's room.
There's plenty of room.

I'll do that.
He could turn this into a terrace.
Put out tables and chairs...
It's nice to sit outside.