I Know What You Did Last Summer

"In the spirit of Mother Teresa,
what will be your contribution -

- to your community
and the world at large?"

At summer's end, I plan to become
a serious actress in New York City.

By entertaining the world through
art, I shall serve my country.

Did you feed her this shit?
Work it. Babe!
They're eating it up.

And this year's Croaker Queen is:
Miss Helen Shivers.

That's my girl!
That's my girlfriend!
- How's my hair?
- Hurricane-proof.

It's all about hair. Don't forget it
when you become a big lawyer.

Professional women think it's all
about brains, and ignore the "do".

The "do" is vital. Got it.
- Are you riding with me?
- No. Tell Mom I'll be home late.