I Know What You Did Last Summer

That's my girlfriend!
- How's my hair?
- Hurricane-proof.

It's all about hair. Don't forget it
when you become a big lawyer.

Professional women think it's all
about brains, and ignore the "do".

The "do" is vital. Got it.
- Are you riding with me?
- No. Tell Mom I'll be home late.

- Is Miss Croaker gonna get sautéed?
- A twit with a wit.

- Julie. A shooter on the house.
- I can't get past the slime.

How about I take you out
before you leave town?

I don't think so. Max.
We've been friends since forever.
You can't leave without a farewell.

A toast... to us.
To our last summer of immature.
Adolescent decadence.

- Somebody's buzzed.
- Chum bait. Take a hike.

- Easy, easy!
- Barry, they're just friends.

Come on. This is tired.