I Know What You Did Last Summer

- Is Miss Croaker gonna get sautéed?
- A twit with a wit.

- Julie. A shooter on the house.
- I can't get past the slime.

How about I take you out
before you leave town?

I don't think so. Max.
We've been friends since forever.
You can't leave without a farewell.

A toast... to us.
To our last summer of immature.
Adolescent decadence.

- Somebody's buzzed.
- Chum bait. Take a hike.

- Easy, easy!
- Barry, they're just friends.

Come on. This is tired.
- I'm just taking care of your girl.
- Thanks, buddy. Let's blow.

Let's beam down to Dawson's Beach.
A little joyride.

They're making out
when they hear over the radio -

- that a killer with a hook for a
hand escaped from the insane asylum.

- You're telling it wrong.
- Shut up. The girl gets all scared.

She wants to go home.
The boy gets pissed and peels out.

No, the boy goes for help
and the girl stays in the car.

- She hears a scratching sound...
- It's not a scratch, it's a drip.