I Know What You Did Last Summer

- I'm just taking care of your girl.
- Thanks, buddy. Let's blow.

Let's beam down to Dawson's Beach.
A little joyride.

They're making out
when they hear over the radio -

- that a killer with a hook for a
hand escaped from the insane asylum.

- You're telling it wrong.
- Shut up. The girl gets all scared.

She wants to go home.
The boy gets pissed and peels out.

No, the boy goes for help
and the girl stays in the car.

- She hears a scratching sound...
- It's not a scratch, it's a drip.

No, the guy's been hung from a tree.
His feet are scratching the roof.

No, he's been decapitated,
and the blood's dripping on the car.

No, he wasn't decapitated,
he was gutted with a hook.

- That's the way I heard it.
- You're all wrong.

They get to the girl's house and
find a bloody hook in the car door.

That's the original story.
That's the way it really happened.

None of it really happened.
It's a bullshit story.

- No. It's not. It's true.
- I don't think so, Ray.

It's a fictional story to warn girls
of the dangers of premarital sex.

You know how terrified I am of
your I.Q., but it's an urban legend.