Julian Po

My name is Julian Po.
I'm thirty years old...
and I'm recording
the story of my life...

on this tape recorder
for the purpose of...

recording my life. Heh.
Recording my life
on this tape recorder...

which I bought two weeks ago
at the Payless for $29.

Uh, it's got
noise reduction, uh...

What do I say now?
I have no idea.

I tried to keep a journal once,
but that didn't work out.

I'm not a novelist
or anything like that.

Actually, I'm a bookkeeper.
It's not worth mentioning.
I'm Julian Po.
This is the story
of my trip to the sea.

Of all the places
I've never been...

it's the one
that I love the most.

No, no, no.
That didn't come out right.

Who's going
to hear this anyway?

Probably not even me.
Well? What the hell
do you want?

Your, uh... sign said
you had a vacancy.

It always says that.
It's permanent.

So you have no rooms.
You ain't puttin' words
in my mouth.

Sign that.
That's twenty bucks a night,
in advance.