Julian Po

I can't believe you're just
gonna spray your dumb tomatoes.

You have an obvious felon
in your town, Henry.

You act like
nothing's happening.

Well, actually, sugar,
nothing is happening.

Yet. He could be right outside
that barn looking at us.

Ha ha ha ha!
He's gonna kill someone, Henry.
I just know he is.

Lilah, Leon's got him
under close surveillance.

If he tries anything,
we'll nail him.

Must be something in the water
around here...

makes everyone a moron.
Vern told me he sits in his room
and talks to himself.

Said the same thing to me.

Are we sure he isn't
just some kind of tourist?

When was the last time
we had a tourist, pastor?

I say he's planning
something right now.

Lilah, you don't know that.
I can't do everything, Henry.
You're the goddamn mayor.
Find out what he's doing here.

I'll handle it, Lilah.
Who are you, mister?
Po. My name is...
We know your name...
At least what you say
your name is.

But what the hell are you
doing in our town?

- Here?
- That's where we are.

What you got
in that suitcase, son?