Julian Po

When was the last time
we had a tourist, pastor?

I say he's planning
something right now.

Lilah, you don't know that.
I can't do everything, Henry.
You're the goddamn mayor.
Find out what he's doing here.

I'll handle it, Lilah.
Who are you, mister?
Po. My name is...
We know your name...
At least what you say
your name is.

But what the hell are you
doing in our town?

- Here?
- That's where we are.

What you got
in that suitcase, son?

You was holding it
pretty close.

Now, if you bringing drugs
in here...

you come to the wrong place.
Drugs? I don't, uh,
I don't have any drugs.

You got the look
of a man on the run.

I'm a bookkeeper.
- Did he say he was a bookie?
- You a killer, boy?

Could be one of those
mass murderers.

He probably killed a whole bunch
of innocent women somewhere...

then you came here
to kill again.

Why did you come here?
My car broke down.
I was on my way
to the seashore for vacation.

Wasn't no broke-down car
on the road nowhere.

- I swear.
- Let me see your car keys.

I threw them away.
Listen, it's true...
and this just looked
like such a pretty town...

I decided to stay
for a few days.

This town is a dump,
and you know it.

- Just tell the truth.
- Why are you here?

You're gonna kill one of us?
No, no. Listen,
I just... I came here...

Maybe I should just go.
- Sit down.
- Now, tell us.

- Which one of us is it?
- You best confess, boy.

Out with it!
Me... uh, kill?
He admits it.
No, no, I just...
I came here just to...

You said you came here
to kill somebody.

Now, goddamn it, boy, who?
- Who is it?!
- I came to kill...