Julian Po

You was holding it
pretty close.

Now, if you bringing drugs
in here...

you come to the wrong place.
Drugs? I don't, uh,
I don't have any drugs.

You got the look
of a man on the run.

I'm a bookkeeper.
- Did he say he was a bookie?
- You a killer, boy?

Could be one of those
mass murderers.

He probably killed a whole bunch
of innocent women somewhere...

then you came here
to kill again.

Why did you come here?
My car broke down.
I was on my way
to the seashore for vacation.

Wasn't no broke-down car
on the road nowhere.

- I swear.
- Let me see your car keys.

I threw them away.
Listen, it's true...
and this just looked
like such a pretty town...

I decided to stay
for a few days.

This town is a dump,
and you know it.

- Just tell the truth.
- Why are you here?

You're gonna kill one of us?
No, no. Listen,
I just... I came here...

Maybe I should just go.
- Sit down.
- Now, tell us.

- Which one of us is it?
- You best confess, boy.

Out with it!
Me... uh, kill?
He admits it.
No, no, I just...
I came here just to...

You said you came here
to kill somebody.

Now, goddamn it, boy, who?
- Who is it?!
- I came to kill...

Speak, you bastard.
- Out with it.
- Say it!

What did he say?
You, uh... came here
to kill yourself?

It's just,
I wanted to, uh...

to be alone.
Are you dying of something?
No. My health is fine.
- What'd you do, lose your job?
- No.

Your wife left you.
A death in the family, maybe.

- No.
- What the hell was it, then?

How come you want
to kill yourself?

Got to be money or a woman.
It's always one of those two.

You really gonna kill yourself,
or are you just bullshitting?

Excuse me.