Julian Po

if you kill a man,
you set him free.

It's not a sin.
It's a favor.

By God, you're right.
Heh heh heh.
We both need to kill.
Po... you're a hell of a man.
Now, just wait till you see what
Darlene does to these beauties.

You'll think you done already
died and went to heaven.

Hi, darling. Mr. Po.
What the hell is going on here?
- My new career.
- Your new what?

- You tell him, Mr. Po.
- Tell me what?

Uh, I don't know.
Sure you do.
Mr. Po here said...

it is an illusion
that we live forever...

and if we wait too long
to do the things...

we really want to do,
it may be too late.

Now, I always wanted
to be a baker...

and if I wait any longer...
Hell, I might be dead,
like Mr. Po here...

so a baker is what
I'm going to be.

This was your idea?
I owe it all to him.
What about these?
Let's go.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Buy a ticket, young fella?
Guess the day and win the pot.
What day?
The day the stranger
does hisself in.

Pay a dollar, pick your date.
Smart money says
he won't last a week.

Give me one for tomorrow, Emma.
Morning, Po.
Po? The stranger?
When you gonna do it?
Why don't you give an old woman
a little hint, huh?

- Soon.
- Huh? Please?

Take care.
You won't last forever.
Pick your date, folks.
- You... what's your name?
- Walter.

Why are you guys
following me, Walter?

To see when you do it.
You want to see me
kill myself? Why?

'Cause we ain't never seen
nobody kill himself before.

You just bought one of those
raffle tickets, didn't you?

- For what day?
- Today.