Julian Po

What about these?
Let's go.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Buy a ticket, young fella?
Guess the day and win the pot.
What day?
The day the stranger
does hisself in.

Pay a dollar, pick your date.
Smart money says
he won't last a week.

Give me one for tomorrow, Emma.
Morning, Po.
Po? The stranger?
When you gonna do it?
Why don't you give an old woman
a little hint, huh?

- Soon.
- Huh? Please?

Take care.
You won't last forever.
Pick your date, folks.
- You... what's your name?
- Walter.

Why are you guys
following me, Walter?

To see when you do it.
You want to see me
kill myself? Why?

'Cause we ain't never seen
nobody kill himself before.

You just bought one of those
raffle tickets, didn't you?

- For what day?
- Today.

Well, you just wasted a dollar.
I'm not gonna do it today.

Didn't you hear me? I said
I'm not gonna do it today.

Why are you guys
still following me?

A guy who'd kill himself
might lie.

Mr. Po, I'm so glad to see you.
- It's not today, is it?
- No.

I see you've made friends with
some of our younger citizens.

Well, they bet a dollar
I'd die today.

Boys will be boys, but that's
exactly what I wanted...

to talk to you about...
death and so forth.

I mean, what is it, exactly,
that you expect to find there?

- Where?
- Heaven.

You do believe in heaven,
don't you?

I don't know.
Me, too.
I often wonder what exists...

and something must,
don't you think?

If it were just the end,
it would be too terrible.

In Sunday school,
we teach that heaven...

is a kind of a picnic
in the country...

with the choir singing
all the time...

but suppose
it's more like a city...

or the middle
of the ocean or a cave...

or like being a bird...
always flying around alone
above everything.

Where do you think
you'll end up?