Mr. Magoo

Water on to boil.
Next, pat the chicken dry.
Now, take some lemon
and rub it on the chicken.

Now, make sure you get the whole
chicken. Lift the leg if you have to.

Now, I hope you're not cheating
and using bottled lemon juice.

If you are,
it just won't taste as good.

Why? Well, no peel appeal.
Angus, there you are, old friend.
Well, I can't play right now.
I don't have any time.
And now, lift both legs
high into the air. Left and right.

All right, then. Just one last time,
then you take it upstairs.

All right.
Come on, don't be a slacker.
You can do it.

Lift those legs!
Left and right.
Back and forth.

One, and two, and three, and four.
Come on, you can do it.
Lift both legs high into the air.

Lift them left and right.
And left and right.

Come on, you can do it.
Lift those legs high into the air.

And dance!
Come on.
Get your rear into gear.

Now, don't stop
until you're ready to drop.

Now you're cookin'!
Go get some sandpaper,
and sand that sucker smooth.

You don't want any bumps
on the surface.

I recommend a medium grade paper

if you use a sandpaper that's too fine,
you're gonna be at it all day.

Now, whatever you do,
do not use a metal file...