Babe: Pig in the City

Excuse me. Mr. Hoggett.
Mr. Hoggett, sir.

Mr. Hoggett, sir.
Your pig.

If you'd just hold the pig up
for the press.

Look this way!
- This way! One more!
- Show us the pig!

The deeds of the farmer
and his remarkable pig...

became renowned
even in distant lands.

...find the time to apply
for all these...

Invitations came from all over
to open fairs,

- to demonstrate sheepherding...
- Oh! More?

and, indeed, to meet a queen.
- Ooh.
- But Arthur Hoggett was a retiring man.

He found his best pleasures
working his farm.

I'll need a neighbor to help me.
So it was, one morning he set out
to repair the water pump...

and Babe somehow got it into his head
that he could help.

But fate turns on a moment,
dear ones,

and the pig was about to learn the
meaning of those two cruel words of regret:

"if only".
- If only he hadn't been so careless.
- Whoa!

if only the weight of the pig and the pump
did not exceed the weight of the farmer,

if only the farmer did not connect
with the platform on the way up...

or jam his fingers at the top,
if only the pump
hadn't fallen off at the bottom,

and if only the poor farmer
had the presence of mind...

to hold onto the rope.