Black Cat Run

No doctors till we get to Mexico.
We can't slow down.
I'm sorry, bro'.
You just, you just gonna let,
Iet the brother die in the back seat, man?
You just gonna let me die
so I don't have to slow you down?

You ain't shit, Wheeler!
You ain't a motherfuckin' man!
You ain't lettin' me die, motherfucker!
You'll die, mother-fucker!
You'll die!
Put the fuckin' refle down, Lu-ther!
Fuck you, Man!
Hey! Stop it! Hey, man.
Get your foot off the gas!
Fuck off! Give me the fucking wheel.
Oh, shit!
Well, you had to do it, man.
Shut up!
It's the best thing
you could've done for him.

Gimme osmethin' to clean
the asshole's blood off of me.

He was fuckin' practically
dead anyway.

I said shut up!
Shit, man. I can't even see him no more.
Yeah, I bet you a case of
beer and a hand grenade

he's headed straight for that state line.
You're not thinkin' about goin'
into New Mexico after him?

Come on now, partner,
you know we can't to do that.
The arrest would be illegal.
Doh, ain't you caught on yet?
There ain't gonna be no arrest.
You oughta think about what
you're sayin', son.

Think about it real good.
And get your head out your ass.
Jesus. Hey, man.
You're one of them. Hey.