Black Cat Run

Shit, man. I can't even see him no more.
Yeah, I bet you a case of
beer and a hand grenade

he's headed straight for that state line.
You're not thinkin' about goin'
into New Mexico after him?

Come on now, partner,
you know we can't to do that.
The arrest would be illegal.
Doh, ain't you caught on yet?
There ain't gonna be no arrest.
You oughta think about what
you're sayin', son.

Think about it real good.
And get your head out your ass.
Jesus. Hey, man.
You're one of them. Hey.
He's a devil, man. On holiday from hell.
Where are they taking the girl?
I saw him kill that sheriff.
Blew him straight across the highway.
Okay, where are they
taking the girl, buddy?

Come on, stay with me.
Delano. What is that?
Is that a town?
Come on, man, what's Delano?
All right, I'm gonna get
you in the car. Stay with me.

All right, all right, all right.
All right. Listen, buddy,
help's on the way.

You gotta be sure to tell'em
exactly what you told me.

Can you hear me? Hey!
You're not dead?
You're not dead.
Come on, man, stay with me!

Egh. Shit!