Kanzo sensei

How long ago did your wife die?
Almost 5 years ago.
And your husband?

It's been thirteen years already.
That military doctor,
who is he?

Lieut-Col. Ikeda,
Chief Health Officer, 47 years old.

He wants me, it makes me sick.
At your age,
being wanted by a younger man

must be enjoyable.
You jealous?
I wouldn't mind!

Come on.
Isn't this cozy?
I'm all mixed up
in this Sonoko and Sankichi affair.

Thanks for sending me Masuyo!
Well, I'm not very good with that kind of case.
Sure. You know plenty
about the subject.

This guy used to be
a real ladies man.

As a student in Tokyo, he knocked up
his housekeeper's daughter.

Then, in Europe,
he corrupted the German girls.

With all that inflation?
I fell for him, too.
I'd have married him in a second.
With his mother...
By the way, how's your son, Ichiro?
He's a doctor in Manchuria, in Harbin.
Unlike his father, he's earnest.
And good-looking, too!

Takes after his mother.
- It's Dad!
- What's wrong?

It's the asthma. He can't breathe
and he's white as a sheet.

He's suffocating. Lay him down.