Kanzo sensei

stop selling yourself.
Of course! Hardly ever.
No, never.
After lunch,
I'm going to the medical center.

Apparently, I administer
too much glucose.

Tamano City Medical Center
Hibi Office

Doctor, how are you?
Your father was the school principal?
You cared for him up to the end.
What'll it be?
Apparently I administer
too much glucose.

What honor, what embarrassment!

Almost all my sick patients
have epidemic hepatitis.

It seems you doubt this...
No, I wouldn't say doubt.
But glucose it in short supply,
and the army wants us
to keep tabs.

Then convey my answer
quite precisely!

For 5 years, epidemic hepatitis
has spread wildly.

If we don't deal effectively
with this problem,

I worry for my patient,
for my nation,

and, very sincerely,
for His Majesty, the Emperor.

Just as with smallpox, cholera,
malaria and tuberculosis

hepatitis must be battled vigorously.
You're absolutely right.
Well, pass that along to the army.
One moment, please...
We'll have to account to them.
- Like little children?
- Well, in a way...