Kanzo sensei

You too?
You think I waste glucose?

Course not.
My patients have hepatitis, too.
We're in a real crisis.
In Europe, it's known
as a contagious disease,

but in Japan, people are unaware.
They say hepatitis proliferates
in wartime,

but where's the guilty party?
Still on the loose.
Must be a filterable virus.
Think so?
A minuscule pathogenic agent?

for your country,
join me
in the anti-hepatitis crusade.

At your age,
I couldn't be as naive as you.

Ten years ago, when I was
a military doctor in Manchuria,

I was truly devoted to my country.
Then there was "the Nomonhan Incident"
The modern Soviet Army
decimated us.

Twenty thousand dead in 4 months.
Now it's the same thing.
To hell with Japan's future!
For me, morphine will suffice.
I'm disgusted
by the army's attitude, too.

But what about white tyranny?
China, India, the Philippines,

all soaked dry.
And the war is to liberate them?
Of course it is.
The emancipation of Asia
is one of the main goals.

Japan wound up going to war.