Kanzo sensei

Professor Sumio, if you please.
I am at the University of Nagasaki.
The words Dr. Akagi
has just spoken

have moved me deeply,
and inspired great respect.

Since the war started, liver infections
have suddenly multiplied.

This is indisputable fact.
It can be said that liver disease
is becoming the national illness.

Professor Hamamura, please.
I'm at Kanazawa University.
I agree entirely
with Professor Sumio.

Fighting this affliction
is a top priority for our Society.

Dr. Akagi has taught us a lesson
in competence and dedication
which should be duly applauded.

Osumi, Asoka Hospital.
Everything Dr. Akagi said
confirms what I see daily
at the hospital.

Practically every case of the flu
is accompanied by liver disease.
There are no words to express
how hard it is

to practice in a removed area.
When I was young,
I practiced way out in Tohoku,

and I know how hard it is
to stay motivated