Mia aioniotita kai mia mera

Go to dress! Quickly!
Go to dress!
"I'm writing to you in front of the sea,
motionless, stunned.

"In the house you can feel
the hot milk and the humid jasmine.

"I write to you, I speak to you...
"I feel so close to you,
"who feel threatened and resist me.
"Do you think that I threaten your world,

I am only a woman in love."

Is the little one sleeping?
She's with her other
grandmother, on the beach.

Grandmother... Like me!
My God, how old have I grown?

See, my daughter, by playing
the part of the naive all the time,
your mother got naive.

She always plays the naive...

My wife always loves to exaggerate.
Dad, stop teasing her all the time!
- How will you call her?
- Did you decide it?

Eléni or Katérina...
But her grandmother
will have the last word!

You shine, you know.
My little Anna a mom!

I am going to put the flowers
in a vase.

As far as I remember,
the house hasn't changed.

This will be the last
careless summer, Alékos!

What do you mean?
Everybody speaks of an intervention
of the army before the elections,

but you politicians,
you play dumb!