Primeiro Dia, O

Now you owe me one!
You help someone,
they help you back, right?

You're hell, man.
A big talker.
Think anyone cares what you say?

You talk crap, man,
diarrhea of the mouth.

Now, go on, motherfucker.
Get out!

Watch how you talk
to an associate of the prosecutor!

The little lady sure is pretty.
And she's so taken
with little old me.

I've given everyone away,
except you.

Got her number up here,
scratched in my memory.

She's sitting patiently
by the phone...

waiting for my call
to wrap things up.

You're a damn liar!
Just ask your "partners."
Not one of them will get away.
Careca, Antonio, Zóio, Mané.
The whole lot.
Except you...
because I saved your ass.
You'll be the only one
partying on New Year's...

checking out the mermaids
on Copacabana Beach.

So spare some change, man.
You're loaded.

It's for the kid's Christmas.
You're worthless, man.
You'll soon be six feet under...
pushing up daisies.
You're an idiot, buddy,
a real moron.

Your kid can pay
for the funeral with this.

Kiss of Judas.