American Beauty

First, I'm patriotic. Second, I love
my country. And third, they nailed me.

[ Laughs ]
[TV Chatter Continues]
[Lock Rattling]
[Door Closes]
- What's going on here?
- Bend all the way down.
Here comes the Bull of the Woods.

I'm sorry. What?
Mom, nobody said anything.
Oh. I'm sorry.
......[Latin Beat]
Everyone here is with their spouse
or significant other.

- How would it look
if I showed up with no one?
- You always end up ignoring me.

Now, listen to me.
This is an important business function.

As you know, my business
is selling an image,

and part of my job
is to live that image.

Honey, do me a favor and say
whatever you want to say
and spare me the propaganda.

All right.
Hi, Shirley!

Listen. Just do me a favor.
Act happy tonight.

- [ High Voice ] I am happy, honey!
- You're not-- Oh, that's Buddy!

- Buddy! Buddy! Hi!
- Hi.

Good to see you again.
-It's so good to see you too, Catherine.

Oh, Carolyn! Of course.
How are you?

- Very well, thank you. Hello, Christy.
- Hello.

- My husband, Lester.
- It's a pleasure.

Oh, we've met before,
actually. This thing last year.
Christmas at the Sheraton.

Oh, yeah!
Oh, it's okay.
I wouldn't remember me either.

Honey, don't be weird.
- All right, honey. I won't be weird.
- Okay.

I'll be whatever
you want me to be.

Well, oka--