American Beauty

All right.
Hi, Shirley!

Listen. Just do me a favor.
Act happy tonight.

- [ High Voice ] I am happy, honey!
- You're not-- Oh, that's Buddy!

- Buddy! Buddy! Hi!
- Hi.

Good to see you again.
-It's so good to see you too, Catherine.

Oh, Carolyn! Of course.
How are you?

- Very well, thank you. Hello, Christy.
- Hello.

- My husband, Lester.
- It's a pleasure.

Oh, we've met before,
actually. This thing last year.
Christmas at the Sheraton.

Oh, yeah!
Oh, it's okay.
I wouldn't remember me either.

Honey, don't be weird.
- All right, honey. I won't be weird.
- Okay.

I'll be whatever
you want me to be.

Well, oka--
- We have a very healthy relationship.
- I see.

[ Sighs ]
Well, I don't know about you guys,
but I need a drink.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Put a little more in there, cowboy.

[Carolyn. Buddy
Shrieking With Laughter]

[ Groaning ]
Excuse me. Don't you live on Robin Hood
Trail? The house with the red door?

- Yeah.
- I'm Ricky Fitts.
I just moved in the house next to you.

Oh. Hi, Ricky Fitts.
I'm Lester Burnham.

Hi, Lester Burnham.