You are a great writer. You really are.
I love my new scenes. They're so great.
Are they going in?

-That's up to Bowfinger.
-It is?

That's sharp. Do the thing.
I'm gonna look good in that. That's bad.
Send it up to the house for me.
The store would be happy to offer you
these clothes without charge...

...if you'd come back Friday,
let us take a picture...

...for LA Style of you wearing the clothes.
I can do that. It'll cost you $1,000.
I'll be here Friday, 4:00.

-I'm sure that could be arranged.
-Hundred-dollar bills.

I know I shouldn't do this,
I just want you to know...

...that you were so real
in your response to the aliens.

I wasn't even sure
I could be a pod person...

...but now I'm enjoying it
because you made the aliens come alive.

It was like they were living inside of me.
At first I was nervous
about us having sex...

...but now I think it's fine as long
as we do it in a professional manner.

There'll be a lot of people watching.
I won't bother you anymore.
He's in the grotto.
What did this alien want from you?
She wanted to inhale my gonads!
-Say again?
-My gonads!

They come down, pretend they're shaking
your hands, but they're not.

They inhale your gonads
for special research.

I got rid of the Sports Channel.
No more gamma beams from Jupiter
messing with my mind.