In Dreams

(Groggily) Doctor, don't...don't
let Paul go to the hotel.

Don't let him go.
- Is this a real hotel?.
- It doesn't matter. The Carlton.

It's by the ocean in Hammond.
- When were you there?
- Last night, room 401.

So it's not real. You dreamt it.
- Was it day or night?
- Daytime. Please call him.

(Silverman )
Does he meet someone there?

- He goes to find Dobie.
- Is Dobie a woman, Claire?

He's a fucking dog.
What have you given me, Doctor?
Why can't I think straight?

Thorazine. It calms you down.
(Silverman )
'What happens to him there?'

(Claire ) 'He dies.'
(Sobbing) Doctor...
Don't you get it, Doctor?
401. Room 401.

How many times do I have to say it?
(Silverman )
'So you dreamt that Paul died.'

I dreamt it and it happens.
It's going to happen.
Can't you get it through
your thick psytiactric skull?.

The man I love is dead and I'm left
in this God-awful place alone!

(Silverman )
'You mean dead to you, Claire.'

No, no, I mean dead like Rebecca.
How many ways can I fucking say it?