Rogue Trader

And so, with scissors and paste,
l created $78 million out of thin air.

This was forgery, pure and simple,...
..and there was no going back.
- Nick!
- Simon.

Jesus, you almost gave me a heart attack!
- What's this missing seven billion yen?
- Oh, that's a nightmare.

lt's an OTC trade
that was incorrectly booked.

The auditors are really
on my case about it.

lt's a pain in the arse,
but we've got to get it sorted.

The point is, we're owed
the money by SLK.

Who the hell are SLK?
Speer, Leads and Kellagg.
lt's a brokerage house.

Better send me a memo as soon as.
Get these auditors off my back.

Sure, Simon. Don't worry, l'm onto it.
(phone rings)
Bonnie, it's Nick. Listen.
Listen very carefully.

Transfer 7.78 billion yen from the client
account to the house account tomorrow.

But it won't go!
There isn't enough money.
l know that, but then you can reverse it.
lt's just an electronic transaction.

But l want the transfer done.
And l want the bank...

:59:16 send us a fax of the statement,
showing the 7.78 billion yen credit.

All right, Nick. lf you say so.
Cheers, Bonnie.
What's all this about seven billion yen?
Someone from London, Tony Hawes,
was looking for you.

Jesus Christ, if l hear any more
about this seven billion yen...

lt's about $70 million, innit?
What do you reckon? Red or blue?
You think l just walked off
with $70 million?

l didn't say that.
lt's a computer error.
You need someone in the back office,
l told you. You're not bloomin' Superman!

Don't start all that again.
lt wouldn't have happened
if l'd been there.

Right. l'm goin' out.