South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

What's going on here?
- What garbage.
- What do you expect? They're Canadian.

Shut your fucking face
Uncle fucker

You're a boner-biting bastard
Uncle fucker

- You're an uncle-fucker I must say
- You fucked your uncle yesterday

Uncle fucker
That's U-N-C-L-E fuck you

Uncle fucker
Suck my balls.
- That movie was fucking sweet!
- You bet your fucking ass it was!

Fuck, I wanna be
just like them.

Wait, where's your guardian?
I knew it! You paid a homeless guy
to get you in, didn't you?

Fuck off, you donkey-raping shit-eater.
Shut your fucking face
Uncle fucker

You're an ass-licking
Ball-sucking uncle-fucker

Where have you been all day?
Nowhere. We just went to go see
the Terrance and Phillip movie.

How'd you get in?
Stop crowding us,
shit-faced cockmasters!

You're all ass-ramming uncle-fuckers.
We've got to see this movie.
Terrance and Phillip are Canadian,
just like my brother.

There's the girl that I like
Tell about when Terrance called Phillip
a testicle-shitting rectal wart.

Now more than ever
She gives me butterflies
It makes my stomach queasy
Every time she walks by

Asshole, I'm talking to you.
I know I can be cool
If I try

Wendy, let us try to jump
the hilly brush.

Who are you?
Gregory. I transferred from Yardale,
where I had a 4.0 grade point average.