Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

For too long,
Lightyear has hounded me.

But no more.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
By launching the Alpha One
at the precise moment of detonation...

Zurg believes us to be destroyed.
I feel I must pause for a moment
of silence in honour of my ship.

Oh, please, Buzz.
It was just a hunk of metal.

- Okay, and you are?
- In serious need
of some personal space.

So, Buzz, did Zurg win?
Not a chance, Booster.
I've got Zurg right where I want him.

Yeah? Well, wherever he is,
I'll bet he's got legroom.

As long as Zurg thinks I'm dead
he won't be looking for me...

and that gives me
the advantage.

- I never thought it would be so easy.
- What?

The defeat of Star Command?
I always knew it was doable.

Not that.

Ah, yes,
my dearly departed foe.

Somehow, evil won't be quite as much fun
without Buzz Lightyear to kick around.

Okay, Ranger Nova, let's test
that little theory of yours.

So nobody's ever actually
infiltrated Planet Z before?

- Never.
- Oh, man.

Listen, a spacecraft this small
won't be detected.

I'm positive.
You know, I'm, I'm-I'm pretty... I mean,
you know, I'm not a hundred percent...

Blast! The seeker drones
are on patrol.

Oh, this just gets better and better.
I can do this.
I just need a little elbow room!

Uh, Buzz,
I think I sat on a button.

What button?
Let me see.
"Emergency water landing."

- Oh, that wouldn't be so bad
if we were over water!
- What's gonna happen?

First, the crystallic
fusion core deactivates, and then...