Harte Jungs

Get out!
Are you demented?
Just looking for my mother.

Do I know you?
You're not my mother!
And you're not my son.
The first thing to learn is
opening the bra... brasiers.

Next you need to learn the various bra sizes.
It's considered a basic requirement.

They start in A, which is
the smallest... and they
go up to a D

How big is Leone?
I think she'd be a solid C.
Unless, of course
she wears a wonderbra.

Then you can't tell.
Yeah, but how do you know
what you'll be getting.

They don't want you to know.
That's why they wear them
in the first place.

How sneaky.
Can I help you with something?
Yes. My friend needs
a bra for... his mother.

Very well. What size is your mother?
He's forgotten. But if you show him
some he'll remember.

Don't forget to watch how they open.
Because some unfasten in the front
others unfasten at the back.

Some un-snap
some have catches.

Well, how do you know
which is which?

You don't. That's the problem.
Opening a bra is like playing poker.
You need some skill to pull it off
and a whole bunch of luck.

Ok, there's this brasier
and another style

and there are these two choices.
You see
this one opens at the front.

Does your mother wear
that type of bra?

Now try to open it with one hand.
Are you serious?
Yeah. And hooks can really be a bitch.
Snaps are a lot easier.

You've got to keep
the other hand free.

Ok, that's it. Out! Now!