How the Grinch Stole Christmas

''Maybe if you reunite with the Whos
and be a part of Christmas.''

Grow up!
Then maybe it'll be all right for me, too!
l'm sorry, your session is over.
Please make another appointment
with the receptionist on the way out.

Please, please.
You have to accept the award.

You never mentioned an award!
Yeah, with a trophy and everything.
-And l won?
-You won!

-That means there were losers.
-l guess.

-So, if you come--
-A town full of losers!

l like it.
Was anyone emotionally shattered?
Come on, a minute ago
l couldn't shut you up! Details, details!

The Mayor wasn't happy.
Oh, no.
Martha May will be there.
She will?
And she'll see me.
A winner.
She'll be on me like fleegle flies
on a flat-faced floogle horse.

l'm sorry to disappoint you, Martha, baby,
but the G train has left the station.

So, will you come?
All right.
l don't know if it's
that adorable twinkle in your eye...

...or that nonconformist streak...
...that reminds me of a younger,
less hairy me.

But you've convinced me.
Who knows? This Whobilation
could change my entire outlook on life!