Keeping the Faith

"How'd you find out? How--"
Is that the best you can do?

- How do you think?
- Oh, she told you.

Yeah, when she was crying
on my shoulder.

What did you expect?
You know, did you think
she was just gonna, like,
take it on the chin for you...

after the way you treated her?
- Oh, hey, hey, wait a minute.
- No, you listen to me.

Anna is very special, okay?
She's not like other girls.

And you said some things to her
that I resent on her behalf.

You can't-- You can't just write her off
like one of your dates, Jake.

- I won't let you do it.
- Brian, I'm in love with her!

Okay? I'm sorry that you
found out about it this way.

It sucks, but the fact is
that we have to work it out together.

- It's between me and her.
- No, it was between you and her.

And then you mucked things up,
and now it's between you and me.

- Why is it between you and me?
- Because I love her.

I know you love her.
I love her too.

No. I'm in love with her.
- What?
- Yeah, it came as quite a shock
to her too, believe me.

You're in love with her?
No one seems to have picked up
on this. It's very strange.

I-- It's just-- I mean, she's like
your sister, Brian. It's--

Yes, thank you for adding
new depth to my confusion.

Damn it, Jake, you have a whole city
full of women, you know, at your feet.

You could go out
with anyone you want to.

Why did you have to go and hone in
on the first woman I've ever had
any real romantic feeling for?

Oh! Wait a minute!
Listen to what you're saying.

You're telling me that I should have
been sensitive to the possibility...

that a Catholic priest had a crush
on my secret girlfriend.

So what? So what? You know how much
I care about her, and you could have
guessed it would end up this way.

- I mean, you know yourself.
- I know myself? What does that mean?

You're always trying to have these
casual flings and relationships...

and it never works because the women
always fall in love with you...

-'cause you're so smart
and funny and cute and yada-yada...
- What are-- Hey. Hey! Hey!

- and you know it!
- Hey, don't put this all on me.

Why? Why? You could have had a fling
with anybody, Jake.

- Why did you have
to pull Anna into your bed?
- I didn't pull her into my bed.