Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse

in the Other.
He copes with his double life?
- Rather well.
- He's good, isn't he?

- Rather well.
- He's intelligent, I think. And modest.

It keeps me going.
- Isn't it daunting for you?
- What is?

That he is a therapist
and makes wine too.

I was analyzed
so as to learn a little more.

- By him?
- No, by Lacan.

- Ages ago.
- I was very young.

A long time ago.
We'll be married 50 years
in the year 2000.
Tell me how you met.
At a village dance,
where most people meet.

- The kiss!
- Right...

No one's interested in that!
I must tell you something,
something the whole world
should know about.

I met him,
it was like a lightning bolt.

You see?
The way he was dressed,
I couldn't possibly miss him.

He had a red cap on, honest,
he was back from the Riviera.
He looked so...

He had a red cotton cap,
a green shirt,
mustard yellow pants,
rope espadrilles and...
- Yellow ones!
- Right.

And a multicolored belt.
I couldn't miss him,just couldn't.

How was she dressed?
That I can't remember.
Yeah, it's the old story.

But I didn't fall
for her right away.

It all came later with me.
How mean of me!
Is it true, Huguette?
- I'm not in his heart.
- It's true.

This is Laurent, my son.
A gleaner or a picker,
I'm not sure.