Lista de espera

It is neither modern nor luxurious,
but it's ours.
It is almost ready.

Ok, then... will it leave?
It will leave and
you will be able to go.

This seems like a dream to me,
to get in this bus.

One last question, comrade
When it leaves,

where will this bus go?
This is the problem.
But the rule is very clear.

On odd days, it goes to Havana.
On even days, to Santiago.

Today it's the 21th.
Yes, but only until midnight.
When will it be ready?
About this, I have no idea.
Once I watched a movie on TV
where there were a lot of people
in bus station

and they didn't get to leave.
I nevertheless hope
this is not happening to us?

What's the matter, Wendy?
- I want an icecream.
- Buy her one.

Do you really think
I will buy her one?

Come on!
When I see people eating,
my heart rises.
After my pilgrimage to Cobre,
I abused of sweets.

You went to make a wish there?
My daughter has been living
in Miami for 2 years.

She was suffering of hemorrhoids,
so she had to be operated.

Do you know what that costs?
The skin of the arse!
What time is it?
Five minutes to midnight.
Can I make a phone call?
Normally not. But ok...
Marta, it's me, Jacqueline.