Mua he chieu thang dung

- I don't think I'll eat tonight.
- Me neither.

What would you say
to some snails in ginger?

Now, that I could eat.
Me, too, come to think ofit.
That's settled.

Shall we continue?
Start with the registy office.
So I was saying that Kiên
became more and more interested...

as he discovered new clues.
After examining the registers...
and putting aside
the unlikely ones...

he arrived at the theoy
that Mother's Toán...

was a certain Phan Châu Toán.
Theywere at the same school for
fiveyears, which supports this theoy.

Then it must be that Toán.
Why only fiveyears?
Because Toán died ofstarvation
in '43 during theJapanese occupation.

Mommywas 1 4 then.
So it was a schoolgirl crush?
Hang on.
It's a theoy, not a certainty.

Kiên hasn't checked
with this Toán's familyyet.

They moved to Saigon in '54.
He'll have to go to Saigon.
And he'll have to be lucky enough
to find a relative...

who may have got wind
ofthis love stoy.