My name is Turkish.
Funny name for an Englishman, I know.
My parents were on the same plane
when it crashed. That's how they met.

They named me after the plane.
Not many people are
named after a plane crash.

That's Tommy.
He tells people
he was named after a gun.

But I know he was really named after
a famous 19th century ballet dancer.

Known him for as long as I can
remember. He's my partner.

Doesn't mean we hold hands
or take walks.

It means I try to keep him out of
as much trouble as he inflicts on me.

I give him a hard time.
Keeps him in check.

But really, he's like my brother.
What do I know about diamonds?
I'm a boxing promoter.

I was a happy boxing promoter
until a week ago, and then:

What do I know about diamonds?
Don't they come from Antwerp?
-Himy, would you listen to this?
-Do we have a choice?

It wasn't meant to be taken literally.
It's a nice story, Adam and Eve.
It's bound with moral fibre...
...but asking a grown man
to believe it?

What is it?
Well, what is it?
What you want I should do,
drop my pants?

Okay, go through.
It's a nice story.