Doesn't mean we hold hands
or take walks.

It means I try to keep him out of
as much trouble as he inflicts on me.

I give him a hard time.
Keeps him in check.

But really, he's like my brother.
What do I know about diamonds?
I'm a boxing promoter.

I was a happy boxing promoter
until a week ago, and then:

What do I know about diamonds?
Don't they come from Antwerp?
-Himy, would you listen to this?
-Do we have a choice?

It wasn't meant to be taken literally.
It's a nice story, Adam and Eve.
It's bound with moral fibre...
...but asking a grown man
to believe it?

What is it?
Well, what is it?
What you want I should do,
drop my pants?

Okay, go through.
It's a nice story.
It'sjust that. Just a story.
Catholic religion is based
on a mistranslation.

Enough already. Ruben, say something.
Listen. Are you busy?
I'll tell you the whole story.

The Septuagint scholars mistranslated
the Hebrew word for ''young woman''...

...into the Greek word for ''virgin. ''
It was an easy mistake to make...
...because there was only a subtle
difference in the spelling.

So, they came up with a prophecy:
''Behold, the virgin shall conceive
and bear us a son. ''

You understand? It was ''virgin''
that caught people's attention.

It's not everyday a virgin conceives
and bears a son.