It'sjust that. Just a story.
Catholic religion is based
on a mistranslation.

Enough already. Ruben, say something.
Listen. Are you busy?
I'll tell you the whole story.

The Septuagint scholars mistranslated
the Hebrew word for ''young woman''...

...into the Greek word for ''virgin. ''
It was an easy mistake to make...
...because there was only a subtle
difference in the spelling.

So, they came up with a prophecy:
''Behold, the virgin shall conceive
and bear us a son. ''

You understand? It was ''virgin''
that caught people's attention.

It's not everyday a virgin conceives
and bears a son.

But leave that for a couple
ofhundred years to stew...

...and next thing you know you have
the Holy Catholic Church.

Oy vay, what are you saying?
I'm saying, just because
it's written...

...doesn't make it so.
Gives them hope. It's not important
whether it's fact or fiction.

-People like to believe.
-I don't want to hear anymore.

Anyway, who is it that we're seeing?

Rudy! Rud, Rud, let them in, please.
Rud, it's okay, let them through.

You've kept us waiting for half an hour.
Are you trying to give me heartburn?

Lie down on the floor.