Top of the morning
to you, Mrs. O'Neil.

You're a snake in the grass,
ain't you? Where'd they come from?

You're looking for my boy, are you?
-Do you know where l can find him?

Would you like
to share that information?

l don't want you getting
my boy into trouble.

He's my only boy.
And he's a good boy.

He's coursing.
What's coursing?
Hare coursing.
They set two lurchers--
They're dogs, before you ask.

On a hare.
And the hare has to outrun the dogs.
So, what if it doesn't?
Well, the big rabbit gets fucked,
doesn't it?

Proper fucked?
Yeah, Tommy.
Before ''zee'' Germans get there.
Do you know these tits, Errol?
l know a lot of tits...
...but l don't know any
as fucking stupid as these two.

l can't help, guv.
You silly, fat bastard.
-Do you want to do it?
-That depends.

On what?
On you buying this caravan.
Not the rouge one. The rose.
-lt's not the same caravan.
-Not the same fight.

lt's twice the size of the last one.
The fight is twice the size.
And me ma needs a caravan.

l like to look after me ma.
lt's a fair deal. Take it.

You're lucky we aren't worm food
after your last performance.