So, what if it doesn't?
Well, the big rabbit gets fucked,
doesn't it?

Proper fucked?
Yeah, Tommy.
Before ''zee'' Germans get there.
Do you know these tits, Errol?
l know a lot of tits...
...but l don't know any
as fucking stupid as these two.

l can't help, guv.
You silly, fat bastard.
-Do you want to do it?
-That depends.

On what?
On you buying this caravan.
Not the rouge one. The rose.
-lt's not the same caravan.
-Not the same fight.

lt's twice the size of the last one.
The fight is twice the size.
And me ma needs a caravan.

l like to look after me ma.
lt's a fair deal. Take it.

You're lucky we aren't worm food
after your last performance.

Buying a tart's mobile palace
is a little fucking rich.

l wasn't calling your mum a tart.
l just meant....

Save your breath for cooling
your porridge.

Right. And she's terrible
partial to the periwinkle blue.

Have l made myself clear?
Yeah, that's perfectly clear, Mickey.
Just give me one minute
to confer with my colleague.

Did you understand a word
of what he said?

l'll tell you what.
l'll bet you for it.
You'll what?
He'll bet you for it.
What, like Tommy did last time?
Do me a favour?

l'll do you a favour.